While mom is gone…

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I very rarely leave the family and venture out on my own.

Last time I did Bill decided to remodel our kitchen, but had only gotten to the dismantling of it and when I walked in I almost started crying. Actually I think I did cry for a second.

I had just finished a week long camping trip with a group of young women from our church. It was a wonderful time, but I was bone tired emotionally and physically.

Tomorrow I leave to be with my oldest daughter. She is now 6 days overdue and I’m hoping to get there in time for the big delivery! I had planned it this way so that I could help her and her amazing husband by waiting on them for a week while they could just sit and love on Emery (Baby’s name).

Yesterday a friend asked me if I had all my plans in order to leave.

You can laugh- I did.

But then I realized I actually did plan it out a little. I left this day clear so I could do what I need to get done, only now I realize that I need 2 of me to do everything I thought I could do.

Things I can check off my list: clean kitchen, wash laundry, make bread, make food, mow back yard, take care of businessmen & seminary emails.

Things I have yet to do: clean kitchen (… I made food after I did it last time….), get a pedicure (this is not a must, just a wouldn’t it be nice…probably won’t happen) , take a meal to a friend (last minute thought- glad I made a lot of food), go grocery shopping, fold & put away laundry, pack, take dog for a walk, pick up pottery (Danni & I took a ceramics class), & I really should set aside some time for a shower and family time.

The house will not be pristine when I leave, and I have no expectations of it being that way when I come home. My children are old enough so that Bill can work and they are fine holding down the house. Danni is an exceptional cook and all Enoch will eat is cereal, sandwiches, smoothies and pancakes (and pizza – he loves cheese pizza), so the food I made ahead is more for my own peace of mind.

Bill has a ton to do with our business, so I know he’ll not have any chances to remodel anything (BTW – I love my kitchen now!).

A few deep breaths and it doesn’t look as impossible as it did before. I’m so blessed to have a family that can survive without me here, even if I don’t act like they can.