Intermittent Fasting Update

Wish it would stay here…

If you are just joining me on my Intermittent Fasting (IF) journey then this weight might not seem that impressive. To me it’s just 9 pounds from my goal weight! I started at 228 on October 1st, 2018. My kids got me this Renpho scale for Christmas, so my weight is documented from then

Very long fast!

This is a screenshot of my LIFE app. I have made a circle ( ) and you’re welcome to join me. I saw many people posting about apps, but never felt I needed one because I just would stop eating and start eating with the clock.

But I sure like it now. I get to support my friends in the circle, I also get to see where I am in my fast. All those little icons along my fast cycle tell me what’s happening during that point in my fast. (You can see what they all mean here:

Since I’ve had the app I haven’t fasted past 48 hours, so I’ve never gotten to the last 2 icons! It’s motivation for me.

Although I normally do 20 to 24 hours of fasting. With spring I’ll probably try a few longer fasts. I do one 72 hour fast a month (although this is my 2nd for March). Then I’ll scatter 1 or 2 more 48 hours throughout the month.

Spring is when my body naturally wants to pull away from heavier foods, get outside more, and not eat as much. So the fasting works well with “spring cleaning” my temple – my body!

roller coaster ride

This is a chart of me going from 196.2 on Jan 4th to today. So this 8.4 pounds has been a roller coaster ride….as has been the entire 40 pound loss. Admittedly , February was kind of a plateau month – I didn’t push it very hard.

Knowing this about my body helps me not give up.

These longer fasts kind of kick my body down, then once I start eating it goes up. But the downs get lower, and my ups don’t go as high.
My goal is 179 for now. Initially it was getting under 200, and I choose to continue from there. Once I get to 179 I’ll re-evaluate it all.

I don’t have a date set for 179 (it was supposed to be 180, but I couldn’t get the line onto the right place on the app.) I had my 50th birthday as my goal for the 40 pound loss, missed it by a few weeks. I am slowing down on my weight loss a bit. If I continue on this trajectory I imagine I can get to my goal around my 30th wedding anniversary, May 5th.

So now you know all the numbers! Now you can keep me accountable.

Some things I love while fasting: lots and lots of water, I just found sparkling mineral water for these longer fasts, pebbles of salt when I feel like I’m hungry, Cafix or Teecino, and mint tea.

You are welcome to comment with your fasting tricks, or with questions!

A ‘weighty’ battle

I am holding the amount of weight I’ve lost.

In September of 2018 my son called me and suggested I talk with my brother who was having great success with something called Intermittent Fasting.

I called him, and we spoke for 3 hours. He told me about Dr. Fung. And how fasting keeps insulin in check, and how it’s possible to yield up fat stores when that happens.

I have always tried to be healthy. And one day a friend said to me – after I had explained my reasoning for buying some produce organically- I’m surprised you’re fat. I didn’t feel any offence, but rather started wondering why I was fat…

Me wondering why I’m fat with John Wayne….LOL

There aren’t many things I haven’t tried to lose weight. I eventually got so frustrated that I stopped worrying about it and began to accept who I was, size and all. After all I could still teach yoga, go on daily 3 mile walks, lift weights, and pretty much act like a fit person. But then the Blood Pressure numbers weren’t acting like those of a fit person, I knew I had to change something or I would probably die (200/110).

I set an alarm on my phone for 10:00 am, signalling when I could start eating, then another at 4:00 pm, my signal to stop eating. That first week I lost 10 pounds – I was flabbergasted! Nothing else had ever worked!

During my eating times I didn’t curtail it. I knew if I went into no carbs/sugar mode I would begin to feel like I was being deprived and I wouldn’t stick to it.

During my fasting times I drank a lot of water. If I felt I needed something more I would drink mint tea or Caffix (no sugar or milk!). Sometimes a little granule of Himalayan pink sea salt would be enough to satiate my taste buds.

Image result for himalayan pink sea salt

I soon realized I had been eating more out of habit than hunger!

I found that as the ‘time to eat’ period passed I didn’t feel any different. And when the next ‘meal time’ rolled around I wasn’t any more or less hungry than if I had eaten the previous meal.

I want to make sure this is clear: This works for my body!

I do at least one 72 hour fast a month now and sometimes two or three 48 hour fasts. Many times I just go a day without eating because I don’t have a good feasting time between my yoga classes, usually Thursdays. I do much better practicing yoga on an empty belly.

So here it is – full transparency – the numbers: (because, quite honestly, I don’t care who knows how much I weigh or how old I am)

Starting weight in Oct: 226 lbs

Weight this morning: 191 lbs.

Goal weight: (for now) 185 lbs

Drop-dead gorgeous weight: 170lbs (but who needs to be that sexy?)

My fasts are a bit more intense now, I have found I can live off of One Meal A Day (OMAD), so generally I do 20 hours of fasting and 4 hours of feasting, sometimes less feasting, today I only did 2 hours, and that was following a 72 hour fast.

I have taken maybe 3 or 4 days ‘off’ and not fasted. (Plus the 4 day cruise, but that wasn’t living a ‘normal’ life…) When Bill and I go out we go to lunch, cheaper, less people, and we have very busy evenings. So dates with my honey don’t interfere with my fasting.

I have much more I want to share, but I’ll do it in small doses. And if you’ve watched my Facebook live videos you already know much of it!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I love seeing people’s lives improve as their health improves!

It’s a first! Baby Cricket without a strap!