Being grandma

We get to have David and his family around for a week or so while the house that they’re in is being shown to sell. It’s wonderful hearing “Hey grandma” all day long!

the Scooter Gang!

Since David and Camden are here it’s not a full-time job, it’s actually quite nice, no diapers (unless I’m feeling very generous!) and I get to go play with them. We have played A LOT!

I think being a grandma is a health enhancer. It makes me move more – think faster – and nap harder! I’ve always considered myself pretty active. This is just bumping it up a notch.

hockey time at the Indy Children’s Museum

Bill will always run circles around just about everyone! People in their 20s have a hard time keeping up with him. I certainly can’t, but I’m not too far behind. I wonder sometimes if I feel inadequate because I’m comparing myself to the 30-year-old Kristie. I’m not sure what I should be expecting from myself right now.

I do take naps – not daily, but a few times a week. I love teaching early morning seminary – but I don’t love waking at 5:00 am! I take our dog for a walk – we average a 5K (3.1 miles). I try to practice yoga daily, either by teaching or taking a class. I make breakfast every other morning (pancakes – see I usually make a lunch for the family as well. There’s the normal housework, shopping, and child taxying as well. I homeschool, so that means I’m struggling to stay on top of assignments. I try to be in bed by 9 – it usually ends up closer to 10 though.

I don’t list all that in a braggy way (or perhaps it’s not that impressive- I don’t, after all, have a “job”)- but just to justify a nap now and then. Adding the grandkids into the mix means I’m busier and have less nap time.

I have some extra ‘helpers’ – so I don’t know why I get tired. I do have to watch all the stools that my helpers need to stand on in order to reach whatever it is we’re working on.

helper stools

Being grandma is always fun – no matter which grandkids I have the privilege to be near. I’m blessed to have so many and blessed to get to see them all now and then. My ones in Hawaii are going to be a little more challenging to visit – but we’ll make it work!