Within Reach

Delicate Strength 11×16 – white roses – oil painting by Bill Inman (upcoming training video in The Membership)

Recently I co-blogged with Bill on his Master Oil Painting site. I thought I might share the results of our partnership here as well. The above painting is one Bill just finished a couple of weeks ago- and it has quickly made it’s way to my list of favorites. It brought some interesting empathetic feelings to the surface – an artist friend of Bill’s had just lost her husband after a battle with cancer, and it inspired me to write, “Within Reach”.

Within Reach

Sometimes the memories

Are wrapped in a mist.

Little points of color- sound- scent make it through.

Enough to tease the edges,

But not enough to fill it all in.

Where was that?

How old were we?

Who was with us?

Just a vague sense of joy and contentment

We had each other.

No camera phone around to record our bliss.

We somehow managed to make a memory anyway.

But I would like something more than a

Foggy recollection –

An idea that I have forgotten the perfect moment haunts me.

The gaps will fill in my sleep, I’ll dream it into being, and have you by my side again – for a bit anyway.