Leg Day

I will try to post about my gym experience at least once per muscle group. Today was leg day. I love leg day!

This week I decided to up my workouts!

Between teaching or attending, I did 6 yoga classes this week, and I may do a solstice one tonight. One of those classes I attended was a Kundalini practice. For some reason, I had in my mind that it was mostly breathing and chanting….man was I wrong – it kicked my butt! I enjoyed it though.

I planned on getting to the gym 3 times with Bill, but I forgot that I was subbing for a class during one of those appointments, so I only got in two days. But two very productive days.

I’m estimating 13 miles of power walking (maybe 2.5 of “running”).

Fasting happened, but not very well. And yesterday Bill & I traveled to Nashville IN and back and along the way I ate 1/4 of a peach pie and 4 truffles. They were good – but I’m paying for it.

For about 2 weeks we’ll be on the road for a trip out west. I wish I could go into a coma-like state until we reach our destination, that would really help me not to snack….

Back to leg day: here’s my workout I actually change it often to give my muscles variety, but this is a nice overall sampling.


Squats are a great full lower body movement. It concentrates of the Glutes and quads. Sometimes I do them without the rack, but because I like the form the rack allows, I use it quite often.

glute extension
Glute kicks
Inner Thigh
Inner thighs

It’s great when the cable machine is open. I do 3 types of exercises there, glute kicks, and inner and outer thigh pulls. It can take some time, and monopolizing the machine for that long can be pretty rude if the gym is full. I got lucky today!

leg press
Seated leg press

This is a pride thing for me. I like to work out with the weight that was left on it – usually by a guy. I learned long ago that women don’t want to put their feet wide on the press, that can build up muscles along the sides of our legs. I want long toned muscles, so I keep my feet closer together.

Calf raises

I take the opportunity to do calf raises while I’m there. Our Downtown YMCA doesn’t have a calf lift machine, that makes me a little sad. But there are plenty of ways to hit the calves!

You’ll notice the jump rope beside the machine. I’m trying to work jumping into my regime more. So much good can come from jumping! It takes a while to get used to the rhythm, but I try to stay on my toes and ‘stay light’.

dead lift
Dead Lift

Dead Lift is one of those movements that sneak up on me. They feel so easy and free-flowing as I do them, then- BOOM! the next day I’m feeling it big time! It’s basically done by hinging from the hips and letting the weights come to the ground then hinging back up.

Today I did a few rounds for quads on the extension machine. I’m very very careful with that because I love my knees and want them to last me forever!

Then I went to the seated flex leg machine for my hamstrings, I can go crazy on that baby!

Bill's arms!
Bill’s arms!

Bill is a very modest man. He doesn’t like ‘showing off’ his physique by wearing ultra tight shirts or shorts. In fact – most of his time in the gym he’s wearing a sweatshirt. I get to enjoy all his hard work though. He’s been hitting the weights for about 25 years.

I really really enjoy my smaller size, and I may relish in it too much with all the yoga pants. But that all may come back to haunt me after all my lazy travel eating!

dead tired!

Ever feel like your legs won’t move? Or that sitting up is just too much? (I mean really – my abs hurt on my sternum! There are no muscles on the sternum!) I’m not so bad that I’m incapacitated, and this is a good springing off week. I just need to find a good workout to do in the front seat of a van.

Tell me about your favorite gym workout!

Trip to Maryland & DC

I think we should get some sort of award for squeezing maximum fun in a relatively small amount of time!

Harrison and Elsie are stationed at Ft. Mead, Maryland. They have been for a couple of years and we have not made the trip up to visit them – until last week!
It’s a good thing because they are heading out to Hawaii for four years. (yeah- we’ll make sure to get out and visit them there as well!)


We made our way to DC to explore some galleries and museums.

Our crew at the Art Museum
Pinching his tush!

We spent just a fraction of the time Bill would have liked at the Gallery. But kids don’t enjoy looking at artwork that much!

Washington Monument

We were blessed enough to somehow not have crowds or lines. So we didn’t get the ‘full’ experience (thank heavens!).

Wheeling through the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian could have held our attention all day!

Enoch loves dinosaurs!
What big teeth you have

We learned so much about birds, bugs, gems, and of course, dinosaurs!

lunch time!
Lunch time!
Food trucks!

Sometimes I hear a rumor about a food truck in Muncie but haven’t caught it yet. But the food trucks there were amazing. We all found something we loved.

Air & Space

We had to see all the air & space travel ships. Of particular interest, the toilets (didn’t get a pic…)

Touching a rock from the moon.
Playing at the Air & Space Museum


We took a trip to Sandy Point beach to play!

Sweet family!

The above image is the closest picture I got of a family photo of their family – at least they’re all having fun – even if we can’t see the kids’ faces.

Running in the ocean
laying in the ocean

Danni loved just swimming and floating around the water, we really need an ocean in Indiana!

Sand study
Working hard
My view!

Personally I’m more of a beach girl than a water girl, I was very content to sit and read and watch!

My man!

I always enjoy this view!

Turtle girl!

Of course we all came away with a lot of sun! Some suffered worse than others. But now we are all ready for summer.


A day of rest. Our sun weary bodies made it to church, then we hung out and just enjoyed each other’s company.

My curly headed friend!

It kind of looks like I play favorites with my pictures with Georgia, not so, she just likes to hang out with me more than Dano.

Something is really interesting on there


We decided to go visit some family!

Chit chatting at Sonny & Dorris home

Bill’s mom, Ruth, grew up on the same property that her brother still lives on in Brandywine MD. The property has since been subdivided and many family members reside on it now. Sonny and Dorris live right next door to the house he and Ruth and their other siblings grew up in.

Enoch at great grandma’s home where she grew up
Sonny and Dorris with the little Inman family.
Sonny and Dorris with more of the Inman family (Except Elsie who was taking the picture!)

We get a few weeks of rest before our next adventure out west!