Miracles abound!

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The day after we left for our trip to visit Harrison & Elsie and the kids in Maryland David and Camden had their baby. The day after that she was life lined to Riley’s hospital in critical condition. It was almost unbelievable that within a couple of weeks 2 grand daughters arrived in this world and all thought everything was fine only for both to be put into critical care units soon following.

Camden’s family lives in Indy and we knew they would be very helpful and attentive to them, so we went on with our trip (more on that in the next blog!).


The amazing doctors at Riley’s ran every test possible to try to figure out why this little infant was struggling. They thought it might be metabolic, but all tests came back negative.

Camden and Kenadie

A doctor told David & Camden that sometimes babies come out and their body is so used to having everything done for them in the womb, that it can revert back to those expectations.


After a week of testing and making sure she was functioning on her own they were able to bring her home yesterday!

Home sweet home!

Tawnymara and Dallin still have a couple of weeks to go before they can walk into their home with Emery, but they’re not complaining, Emery is a super star!

tubes being taken out

It seems like daily we get reports of more tubes being taken out and of her recovering at an amazing speed. She’s beating the time table projected. Tawny brought up yesterday;

“. . . she’s doing amazing! I was kind of skeptical about her seemingly flawless recovery, especially since her surgery was so rough and all the doctors expected a “roller coaster recovery”, until I remembered that her baby blessing said she’ll be able to recover from her surgeries with no problems¬†️ – what a manifestation of God’s power! “


While some might be concerned about the huge scar these surgeries will leave behind. Tawnymara and Dallin will have no problems raising Emery to think that she’s special and imbued with super power (which I quite think she is) and Emery will end up feeling bad for anyone without the cool scars on their chests.


Something occurred to me today. It was brought on by a comment one of my yoga students said to me. She was sharing about how her kids (15 & 17 in years) were chit chatting away late into the night and how it made her feel so happy to hear it.

I had told her that I missed those days. Then while in child’s pose my thoughts went to David and Tawnymara. Both with their newborns in critical care, both with unanswered questions and uncertain futures, both with amazing supportive spouses. I knew – without a doubt, that these two had been chit chatting with each other, I’m sure very late at night – or in the early morning hours. I know they have wept with and for each other.

The other siblings have also been so involved and aware of all the events and contact has been daily. I’m so grateful that this sibling bond is strong enough to be used in times like this. I’m so glad they love each other, serve each other, weep for each other, and make each other laugh. That’s them fulfilling their calling as brothers and sisters.

This realization was so touching and powerful tears came to my eyes and my heart was swollen with gratitude for this relationship they have with each other.

Emery Feet

I can’t thank you enough for your part in all this. Prayers ascended have wrought miracles transcended!

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