My ode to Autumn through pictures and verse from our interlude on Tuesday.

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Autumn oh autumn – how I love you!

You keep me on my toes with daily color changes.

The air is effervescent as it blows in the cool through the sun’s warming rays.

Above I see vacillating – some treetops brandish their full hue of green.

While others are embarrassingly prematurely bald.

Looking ahead I see wiry brambles winding and twisting in their leafless glory.

Plants desperate to share their seed for the following spring.

Then- there are those . . .

. . . who don’t change – or at least aren’t giving in to the chill quite yet.

Autumn feeds me – shes brings the harvest earned by sweating out the summer.

Then she drops it to rot and sink into the earth.

Or maybe some woodland creature will procure it for some distant meal.

Then there’s the dichotomy of footfalls muffled by the growing debris or the satisfying crunch of the dried autumn offerings.

The slow shallow current of fall – so different from the exuberant swollen waterways of spring.

The season of jackets and sweaters so prevalent in my wardrobe. I could clothe myself for months of you – but alas – you are not a long visiting guest.

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